Despite the fact that I have no finger function because of my spinal cord injury, I still find ways to do the things that I love, such as painting and miscellaneous arts and crafts. I have absolutely no movement in my fingers so I have learned to adapt by using foam buildups. You can see a video I made showing how I paint at the bottom of the page.

Please check back often as I will add new pieces of artwork as soon as they are completed.

Side note: Prior to my accident I was not an artist. I’ve never taken an art class, studied painting, or ever in my wildest dreams think people would ever want to buy my art. I am extremely honored, blessed, and grateful for everyone who has believed in me and encouraged me on this new journey of my life.

All original paintings are protected by Copyright, 2012

Painting Without Finger Function


20 Responses to “Artwork”

  1. Jerri mowry says:

    What are your prices?

  2. amanda strong says:

    i would love to know how much your art work is???

    • Katy Blake says:

      everything i have done so far has been $60 and under, depending on size and details :) I hope to have standard 8×10 print that will be matted to fit an 11×14 frame and they will be $20? Unfortunately I will not be able to take requests until after my art fest debut on April 21 :)

  3. Dennis Parker says:

    Incredible work!

  4. Linda Rayborn says:

    I would be interested to see prints when ready. Thanks.
    Nice work.

  5. Ralph Otte says:

    You are an incredibly strong young lady. I have worked with Kevin and Sarah at TGH and with RHA. Sarah posted your story on fb and I cannot imagine what you have had to do, but my heart goes out to you for the fact that you haven’t given up. May Jesus continue to be with you and give you His strength.

  6. I also would love to know how much your artwork costs! I love the ones with the crabs!

  7. Ivonne says:

    Ok Im def intrested in finding out a price for the Drew Brees Hoo dat owl. My husband love the Saints and Drew Bree’s. He would love it.

  8. Really beautiful work!

  9. Jan tobet says:

    Will you be having anymore pelicans?

  10. Kelly says:

    Whimsical tree or Eiffel tower going to be painted anytime soon? All are wonderful!

  11. Paul says:

    Will you be working on anything Tulane? Maybe an “18″ T-wave helmet. Gibson Hall. Streetcar. Big oak tree. Seems you’ve got all the outlying schools covered except for the one actually located in NOLA.

  12. Wanda Dowden says:

    Have you got the who dat owl ready yet that you said was coming soon

  13. shelia hoyt says:

    I would like info on how to get a copy/original of ” funky fish”. thanks!