My surgery went extremely well this morning. I’ve spent the day resting and having a movie marathon. Now, I must be meticulous in the aftercare of my surgery site to prevent any infection. I must be adamant in drinking plenty of fluids as well as be sterile as possible with cleaning around the incision; I refuse to have some sort of complication arise from this simple procedure. This is one of my biggest concerns; however, I do have an issue that greatly concerns me more at the moment…

As I mentioned in my previous quick update, I have some discrepancies in my lower spine. Tuesday morning, we discovered a bone that is protruding from my spine has been rubbing against added foam support in my chair. In just a short couple of days, the constant pressure is threatening to break down the skin. Most people know that I had a pressure sore immediately after my injury. That sore is what kept me in the hospital for so long. Needless to say, I don’t joke around with a possible skin breakdown, so I’ve been doing all I can to prevent it from getting any worse. Please pray that this does not become a serious issue resulting in medical attention and/or bed rest. I have way too much to do to stay in bed!!! Not to mention, I have to find out why that bone is protruding. It is causing pain and I believe is what has been causing dysreflexia spells and my unusually high blood pressure. I suppose I will just have to wait until Monday for my MRI.

It is times like these that all I can do is pray. I have no control over so much in my life, it’s so hard to let that go. I don’t understand why I have to constantly face these struggles, but I must have faith that God does indeed have a plan for me. Each trial and tribulation builds my character, my strength, and my indomitable will. I repeat to myself, “If God brought me to this, He will lead me through it.” When I talk to God, I don’t pray for a miraculous cure; I pray for strength, patience, and faith as I continue on this journey of recovery. I trust that with Him, I’ll be safe. Who else can you always depend on? I ask for everyone reading this to please talk a moment to pray for me, especially my health. All I want to do is be healthy, regain my independence, and starting truly living again. One day at a time…

“I don’t pray for God to take my problems away, I pray only for God to give me the strength to go through them.”- Jose Lozano

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About Katy Blake
First and foremost I would like to thank everybody who's come to this page, people I've never met who have encouraged me, prayed for me, inspired me, have been inspired by me, shared my story with others, and have financially helped with the cost of living with a spinal injury. For those who do not know my story, let me start on June 13, 2010. I was on a canoe trip with a group of friends when I went for a dive in the creek that we were traveling in. As soon as I jumped, I realized how shallow it was but it was too late. I hit the bottom headfirst and although I remained conscious mentally, my entire body from head down went numb and lifeless in the blink of an eye. What was probably only 20 seconds seem to be hours as I lay face down in the water until my friends realized something was wrong and pulled me out. Within the hour I was air lifted to Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, MS, where I was diagnosed with having an incomplete C-5 fracture spinal cord injury. There I was, 23 years old and being told by the doctors I would never move past my biceps again. I guess it is a good thing I never listen to anyone, because I refused to listen to them. I stayed in ICU for a month and a half on a ventilator with pneumonia in my lungs. Although I had many setbacks while in the hospital, (pressure sore, problems with breathing, leaky feeding tube), I never let it get me down or stop me from working to gain as much recovery as possible. I eagerly participated in as much physical therapy and occupational therapy as possible and never stop moving as much as I could, hoping that I would regain muscles back in my arms. By the time I left the hospital on September 6, 2010, nearly 3 months after my injury, I was just beginning to learn how to feed myself. I attended Mississippi Methodist rehab for a month; however, I was so weak from being in bed for three months in the hospital that I was hardly able to do the exercises they tried to have me doing. That was when I first encountered problems with Mississippi Medicaid. I have fought many battles to be approved by the state Medicaid program, I was even denied for nearly 2 months which meant that all outpatient therapy that I was receiving was stopped, and I suddenly had to pay full price for the costly medicine I have to be on. I had private insurance all my life up to 10 months before the accident when I was no longer in school and not eligible under my mother's insurance. I created this page to help gain exposure, hoping that I reach the right person who could help. In today's world, you can become famous (or viral) online overnight, thus was born help Katy back to rehab on Facebook. What an amazing journey it has been since then. It has put happiness and hope back into my life and for society in general. I have met the nicest, most caring people who are inspired by me as much as I'm inspired by them. We were also able to do fundraisers raise enough money for me to attend additional rehab at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA, a well-known spinal cord injury rehab facility. This is just the beginning. I truly believe I can walk again if I have the right therapy and medical care because I definitely have the drive, willpower, and motivation to go further than the doctors ever would have imagined. But as they say, Rome was not built in a day. As to this date, (2/28/12), I brush my own teeth and hair; wash my face; feed myself; play the wii; use the computer, cell phone and iPad all without finger function; roll myself over; pull myself up; push myself in a manual chair; and have most recently took up painting. One day I was even sneaky enough to get in the kitchen cabinet to get a spoonful of peanut butter- well worth the effort it took. But I know this is only the beginning of the journey. The more exercise and therapy I receive to become stronger and more independent, the sooner I can return to school, get a job, and give back to the community for what they have done for me. I'm beginning to speak to children in school about spinal cord injury, safety, and motivation- to never give up and never give in. Miracles happen every day but you have to believe, and you have to work hard. I want to thank you again for reading my story and would sincerely appreciate you taking a moment to help spread the word by sharing this on your own Facebook page, email to others, twitter, or by word of mouth. You never know who you may reach and who may be able to help. I ask each of you reading this to please help me in spreading the word of my story. In less than 60 seconds, by simply sharing my page to others, perhaps more people will read about my determination to recover and hopefully reach enough recognition so that I may receive more help. The power of Facebook and online media in today's society is an amazing tool to spread the word of a great cause. I'm not looking for a handout, I'm looking for a hand up. I graciously thank you for your support in helping me achieve my dreams, which is to regain as much function as possible, to perhaps even to walk again. God bless.

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  1. Lots of people praying for you in my family. I regularly get people asking me how you are doing after I walked around soliciting van votes for you for the 3-day weekend when my family was together. I know several of the. Pray for you daily and follow your blog. My sister, especially, LOVES the name of your blog!! I think it’s great too. I am glad the surgery was successful. Keep on keeping on, Katy and know many people whom you have never met pray for you daily as do I. <3

  2. Praying for you daily – just a little over 2 years now. I know that he hears us.

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